Why Attend?

Meet. Share. Learn.

Combining the power of networking with the information presented during the GPA Midstream Convention is invaluable. The schedule covers a number of topics within the areas of international affairs, legislative and regulatory issues, safety, market information, operations and maintenance, technical sessions and research. GPA Midstream committee meetings and forums held during the convention are open to all attendees, providing endless opportunities to meet, share and learn.

Planned by your Industry Peers

Our Perspective

The top reason for attending the GPA Midstream Convention stems from the fact that this entire conference is planned by your industry peers, which means that the topics are timely and relevant to your business. The Program Committee, which is the group responsible for convention planning, is made up of individuals representing more than 40 midstream operating companies. This group meets face to face two times each year and works year-round through conference calls and e-mails to put a solid program lineup together.

Meet the "Who's Who" of the Industry

Attendee Perspective

From our attendees’ perspectives, their top reasons for attending are networking and information exchange. The GPA Midstream Convention registration list reads like a "Who’s Who" of midstream professionals, from top-level executives to young professionals tagged as the next generation of industry leaders.

Meet. Share. Learn.