Why Attend?

Community. Impact. 

Unlock the benefits of networking and knowledge sharing at the GPA Midstream Convention. This premier midstream event offers an enriching schedule that spans crucial topics such as international affairs, legislative and regulatory issues, safety, market insights, operations and maintenance, technical sessions, and cutting-edge research.

By participating in GPA Midstream committee meetings and forums, which are open to all attendees, you gain opportunities to connect, collaborate, and learn from industry leaders and peers. Don't miss your chance to be part of this dynamic environment where every interaction can lead to valuable insights and lasting professional relationships. Join us and experience the power of the GPA Midstream Convention!

Planned by your industry peers

The GPA Midstream Convention is meticulously curated by your industry peers. This ensures that every topic is timely, relevant, and directly applicable to your business needs. The Program Committee, made up of professionals from midstream operating companies, is the driving force behind this exceptional event, which is your portal to industry excellence.

Meeting in person twice a year and collaborating continuously through conference calls and emails, this dedicated group works tirelessly to create a world-class program. Their insider knowledge and commitment guarantee that you grow your expertise and find practical solutions to your company's biggest challenges at the GPA Midstream Convention.

Meet the "Who's Who" of the industry

Industry professionals return to the convention each year for networking and information exchange. The GPA Midstream Convention registration list reads like a "Who’s Who" of midstream professionals, from top-level executives to young professionals who will be the next generation of industry leaders. This is your chance to meet fellow visionaries and industry leaders. Come for the learning, stay for the connections.

Meet. Share. Learn.